Advantages For A Variety Of Industries

From a skilled workforce and a variety of incentive programs to robust transportation logistics, Douglas-Coffee County offers businesses a host of advantages to reach success.

Advanced Manufacturing

From workforce development, to the transportation logistics to move products, Douglas and Coffee County is an ideal location for advanced manufacturing operations.

Aviation and Aerospace

Douglas-Coffee County is uniquely positioned to serve aerospace due to its large labor force and manufacturing industry advantages such as low operating costs and robust incentives.

Call Center and Customer Services

From its low costs, to its quality of life and skilled workforce, Douglas-Coffee County can offer call centers and customer service centers the right environment for success.

Computer Science and Digital Media

Douglas-Coffee County offers low costs, skilled workforce and incentive programs that technology companies need to be successful.


Douglas-Coffee County offers distribution businesses a central location with robust transportation options, low costs and a superior labor pool.

Health Care

From a highly-trained workforce to unique training programs and low operating costs, Douglas-Coffee County offers health care companies unique advantages.

Warehouse and Logistics

Extremely well-connected by transportation infrastructure, Douglas-Coffee County offers warehouse and logistics businesses competitive advantages for success.