Douglas-Coffee’s Low Tax Advantage

The State of Georgia was the first Southeastern state to pass single-factor corporate tax apportionment. This means in-state sales are the only factor in determining the portion of taxable income. Only 20 states (two in the Southeast) use only single factor apportionment. The state also does not tax income from sales to customers outside Georgia if it is not taxed by the customer’s state.

Coffee County and the City of Douglas also offer Freeport Exemption. This means raw materials, goods in process and finished goods that are marked for out-of-state shipment and held in Coffee County factories or warehouses are 100 percent tax exempt from ad valorem taxes. While Georgia Counties are able to set exemption at 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 percent, Coffee County offers the maximum 100 percent exemption.

Sales tax in the county is 7 percent, including a 2 percent local sales tax, making it one of the lowest sales tax rates in the South according to the Tax Foundation.

The following millage rates apply in Douglas-Coffee County:
• Unincorporated – 24.401
• Douglas – 32.862
• Nicholls – 31.250
• Broxton – 31.767
• Ambrose – 24.401

To calculate tax rates, divide 40 percent of the assessed property value by 1,000 and then multiply it by the millage rate.